CAD Services

Outsourcing us for your Revit to CAD conversion services will save time. Let us check how our service will be different from others.

We use the latest versions of Revit that have the new masking region tools, which behave as expected when exported and appropriate sub-categories for custom families so that many custom families all under Generic models will most likely be exported onto single layer. As unreferenced view tags may not be hidden or removed during the exporting process, we usually hide all temporary sections, elevations and callouts etc., during the project execution. Therefore, Autodesk can soon develop a way to improve the issue. Sometimes it allows visibility (On/Off) access to different view types in the project.

Every time, when exporting CAD formats from Revit, any extra in the Revit file at the time like all linked and imported CAD files also be protected. We are very careful in not to cover-up unnecessary text or dimensions with an opaque background text, which are the most common mistakes done by everyone. As there is no analogous object in AutoCAD, the text elements will be overlapped in the exported CAD file.

Looking for Pre-construction services, don’t hesitate “Contact our Experts” and get answers for your queries. Team HEM technologies would be happy to assist you!