HVAC Services

We expertise in delivering a cost effective  high quality HVAC engineering design services in quoted less time frame. This is distinguishes us from others.

HVAC Design Sample:

We professionally handled complex HVAC design project requirements; which ensure that your designs and drawings are flawless and accurate with respect to SMACNA and ASHRAE standards.

Our HVAC Design Services include:

  • Load Calculation (Cooling and Heating)
  • HVAC Duct Design and Layout Design
  • Pipe sizing and its Layout Design
  • HVAC Equipment Selection and Layout
  • Schedule for Equipments
  • Air Conditioning Design & Layouts
  • Ductwork Design, Detailing & Drawings
  • HVAC Consultation
  • Schematic diagrams

Designing services in HVAC we offer:

  • Load calculation: Heating and Cooling loads as per SMACNA and ASHRAE Standards.
  • Equipment Selection: Determining the size of HVAC equipment’s in relation to the load as per SMACNA and ASHRAE standards, selecting equipments such as FCU, AHU, ACCU, Cooling Tower, Air Cooled Condenser, Water Cooled Condenser and Chiller Packages. Refrigerant Coil, Package Units, Fans, Pumps, Valves and other System Accessories.
  • Designing of Ducts and its accessories: Determining the internal and external pressure drop calculations, acoustic calculations, duct material, size, lengths, connections considering the construction constraints and its layout, register locations and types along with design of accessories such as dampers, diffuser, grills etc.
  • Equipments Schedules: Ducting accessories such as diffusers, grills, dampers, Air Handling Units, Chillers / DX Units and Pumps.
  • Designing of Pipes: Determining the water flow, pipe sizes, fitting locations and dielectric isolators where required in the piping system, specifying the pipe material and its size criteria.

Shop drawing works are created in a 2D/3D environment. By creating a virtual 3D model we are able to offer many advantages to our valuable clients Ask us for free quote now.