MEP Modeling / Shop drawings

Many contractors during a construction project need to install many systems like HVAC, electrical and plumbing systems. Every MEP shop drawing needs to get a clear plan of action to perform to each system contractor. It helps the contractors to avoid the future problems during construction.

A set of drawing that require prefabricated components like the Structural steel, mill work, cabinets, appliances, elevators, trusses, windows, air handling units are produced by the supplier, contractor or subcontractor, fabricator and manufacturer are called shop drawing.

Combined 3D rendering of the construction project of all Structural, architectural and shop drawings is known as Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing coordinated shop drawing. The Coordinated shop drawing of the MEP includes the Ductwork layout drawing, plumbing, electrical, piping and HVAC. These enables the engineers for a better installation, fabrication and scheduled trades related to construction. This helps avoid waste of time, energy and cost. The manipulation and extraction of data for contributors and trades increases the accuracy of delivery process and building design.

Benefits of MEP shop drawings

Most of the construction industries doesn’t use BIM service and are rare now-a-days, as it can result in cost savings and time.

The MEP coordination shop drawing helps bring improvement in productivity and building quality with enhanced plans, improved offsite fabrication.

Uses of MEP shop drawings:

  • HVAC drawings
  • Ductwork drawings
  • Coordinated shop drawings
  • Composite drawings
  • Mechanical piping detail drawings
  • Mechanical room HVAC detailed drawings
  • Equipment placement
  • Sheet metal drawings
  • Underground and above-ceiling coordination
  • Electrical component technical drawings
  • Pipe fabrication drawings
  • Plumbing construction drawings

Its sure the MEP shop drawing helps reduce the cost saving around 50 percent and improves the delivery of schedules by over 40 percent. Also helps decrease the money and time for the contractors, engineers and helps improve the project outcome.

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